Young lit hippy

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Untold Story

Artist from Portland, Oregon Young Lit Hippy has an uplifting catchy soul vibe to his music, along with a very unique voice and lyrics. Most known for his songs “Good Morning,” “Late Nights,” and “How To Vibe”. Known to be very diverse in his music lately has been focused more on Jazz influenced hip hop tracks with smooth vocals with heart felt lyrics. To hear more check out my YouTube channel.  Young Lit Hippy Youtube


Young Lit Hippy Music

I just want to thank everyone who supports me and enjoys my music, without your support I wouldn't be as motivated as I am today. Thank you! 


Embrace Your Passion

I uncovered my passion for music during my first year in high school, my true friends told me I was talented and through that I discovered myself. This is what I love and want to continue doing for the rest of my life. 

Live Life in Song

I followed my dream to California and with nothing in hand and no degree but a passion. I left my home town to find a new and with that growing with all the new connections and musical artist with the same passion. 

Be Inspired by Everything

I find inspiration all around me.  Living day to day and seeing what is past the next door at every turn and every opportunity presented, as long as people can relate and enjoy the music I produce.