Watch It Unfold

by Young Lit Hippy



Its about letting life take its course naturally and not fighting against the current but rather flow with it and watch it unfold itself


Only option is to grow under pressure

Had to make space

Smoking on Saturn come catch up

The reason that I left was I was looking for better

And I know this super cliche but never say never

I’ve been feeling like my heart has made my path so far

They try to down play my hustle but you don’t play no part

When the stars align you don’t gotta say no more

Cause I believe the outcome will be pain no more

For sure

And I’m bring what I know

To the table as I look at my foes what is the ultimatum?!

I got it on lock

What’s the code? Im gon break it

It only takes one thought, and a human creates it

And that’s just crazy as shit

To me that’s crazy as shit

The story thickens the plot

Now going against the wind

If it was easy everyone and anyone could do it and it’s not as special

Don’t dare and make it seem like this was made with no effort

And I put it all on me

Sit back and watch it unfold

I just kept my faith that’s key

If you didn’t live it you don’t know


Like how could you know that

Completely different person than I was way before rap (I admit that)

You blowing up my Telly I don’t hit back

I realized that our end goals are too different

Our feelings are inconsistent for each other so we drifting away

And that’s fine with the right attitude

Planning for a power move that’ll change my whole altitude

Homies on one ride or die so I’m on two

Can’t know love without hate and that’s Devine truth

I never tried to be a role model

But if they don’t follow me then who they gon follow

If you want it done right gotta do it yourself

And there’s so much wrong in this world we was dealt

My Heart goes out to the ones that lost their way, it’s so easy to caught up and the way that I was brought up i have realized I was saved from being an inmate

For the anger that was in me put my life at stake (and that’s real)


released January 28, 2020


all rights reserved



Young Lit Hippy Portland, Oregon

From Portland, Oregon, Young Lit Hippy has an uplifting catchy soul vibe to his music, accompanied with energetic trap, soul, and hip hop influence along with unique vocals that gives his music a special aura. "The journey hasn't been easy and at times didn't know how things could ever work out. But every life experience has led me to this moment, and It was meant to be." ... more

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